1929 Baildon Hospital & Charities Week

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The 1929 Baildon Hospital & Charities Week was held between September 7th and 14th 1929.

1929 was the first of the resurrected Carnivals. Next 1930 ->

The PDF version of the programme is thanks to A Edwick who has given permission for his copy to be scanned.

According to the "Invitation" in the 1931 carnival handbook over a hundred thousand made their way to the town on the hill in 1929.[1]

This link takes you to a PDF version of the Baildon Carnival Handbook of 1929.

The programme was printed by The Yorkdale Press Ltd., Thornton Road, Bradford.

PDF file of the 1929 Baildon Carnival Handbook

Extracts from the handbook

Daily Needs










Cricket Club

Baildon Green Cricket Club now has its ground in the upper part of the village.

The huge amphitheatre of rocks and grass-covered slopes, which extend along one side of the green, made itself into one of the finest grandstands in the country.


There is a Rugby Football Club with a ground on West Lane.

Prize Fights & Cock Fights

In the old days Prize Fights and Cock Fights took place on the moor, and it is told to-day of Tom Sayers, the famous boxer, fighting on the moor some 70 years ago.

Angel Hotel

The advert does not mention Baildon Petrol & Oil Station - first mentioned in the 1932 Gypsy Carnival programme

Market Cross & Stocks

Last year (1928) the ornate top to the cross was knocked off and replaced with a simple block.

The stocks were removed in the middle of 18th century. Later found in the wall of Acre Hill Reservoir and in 1904 put back in Towngate thanks to Geo E Robinson.


Baildon rateable value £55,712. General rate 10/8d in the £. One of the lowest in West Riding. 1929 population estimated as 8500.

Wesleyan Chapel

John Wesley visited Baildon in 1748 and again in 1766. On his first visit he preached from a window of a house in Browgate. (9 Browgate) 1:00 Tuesday 23 August, 1748.

Shipley Gas

Just light it and leave it. My new gas cooker's as good as a maid. Meals are punctually cooked AUTOMATICALLY.

Gipsy Parties

In 1929 it was said to be 200-300 years since the last real Gipsy Party in Baildon. Baildon residents preserved the tradition, forming many tribes that lit fires in front of their caravans on Baildon Green. This continued fairly regularly until 1881 and the last was in 1895. The suggestion to revive the Gipsy Party came following the efforts in last year's (1928) Shipley and District Hospital Fund week. The required King and Queen were elected during a Gipsy Garden Party held on June 22 1929. The selection was made by Miss Elsie Bower, the well known Revue Artiste. King: J H Brayshaw. Queen: Miss Mabel Bradley


From 4:00pm on Sat 7 Sept broth was served from a giant cauldron designed and given specially for the occasion by W P Butterfield's. The broth being made by local butcher, Messrs J Holmes (C.W.S.), G Rhodes & E Leadbeater.

Music & Song, Games & Events

Music at many of the events was provided by Clayton Silver Prize Band. Also The Bletherheaded Band

Grand Sacred Concert at Baildon Picture House performed by Soprano: Miss Rose Driver (1st prize winner Skipton & Bacup Musical Festivals), Contralto: Miss Irene G Beecham (1st prize winner Skipton & Bacup Musical Festivals), Bass: Mr W Oddy, accompanists: Mr F W Sugden & Miss Wheatley.

Football match held on the Football Ground, The Grove.

Whist and Bridge Drives, Baildon Picture House and Church Schoolroom, Tong. With dancing in Shipley Glen Ratepayers' Association Recreation Hut.

Amateur Boxing held in the Showfield, Baildon.

Jumble Sale in W P Butterfield's Canteen, Woodbottom.

Minstrel Troupe in Towngate.

Children's Sports - Baildon Green Cricket Ground, Jenny Lane.

Carnival Dance - The Canal Ironworks Brass Band conducted by Mr G Jeffrey to play intermittently during the day.

List of advertisers

These are in the order in which they appear in the programme.

  • Halifax Building Society. Baildon Sub Office, 16 Browgate. M H Denham, local manager.
  • Butterfields. Dolly Tubs and Wringer Stand.
  • Dolphin & Spence. Joiners & Builders. Shipley 102. Building Belmont Estate. £700-£1000
  • Electrical Distribution of Yorkshire Ltd., Hallam St, Guisely. Head Office, 36 Park Place, Leeds.
  • H. Robinson, Pharmacist. Penetrol for Flu
  • Angel Hotel, Tetleys' Ales. Prop. Will Needham, The Old Manningham Football 3/4 back. HQ of Baildon Rugby Football Club & Baildon Musical Union.
  • George Walker, Dairyman, Kia Ora, The Grove, Baildon.
  • E Leadbeater, family butcher, 20 Westgate also Market Place, Shipley
  • E H & A Sugden, Bakers & Confectioners, 18 Westgate, Baildon. Shipley 1145
  • J Myers, Coal & Coke Merchant, L M & S Coal Depot, Shipley & 47 Baildon Bridge. Shipley 328
  • J B Jennings & Sons, High Class Meat Purveyors, 14 Browgate, Baildon. Meat kept in perfect condition by electrical refrigeration. Shipley 636
  • R G Cox, Photographer, developing, printing. Official photographer to the Gypsy Party. 16 Browgate, Baildon
  • H Allen, Chocolate Shop, 12 Browgate, Baildon. Sole agent for COUTT'S high class sweets.
  • Goodall's, Briggate & Picadilly, Shipley. Arts & Crafts. Youth's chemistry outfits. Sports & indoor games. Wood beadings & moulding. Shipley 854
  • Bottomley's, The modern grocery & provision shop, Browgate, Baildon. Shipley 297
  • Bull's Head Inn, Westgate. Prop Louis Wilcock. Tetley's Fine Ales.
  • C G Lupton, Market Place, Ale & Porter Stores. High Class Grocer & Provision Merchant. Agent for Whiteway's Cider. Shipley 1028
  • N Taylor. 17 Browgate. Fish, fruit & potato salesman. Baildon's leading fruit stores.
  • Malt Shovel Inn, Northgate, Baildon. A House of Hey's. Luncheons, Dinners and Teas Provided. Hey's Gold Cup & Victory Ales.
  • Cousen & Ellerby. G P Elerby, sole propriter. Loom cord, upholstery & mattress twines. Ropes, cords & twines. 14 Hall Ings, Bradford. Est. 1901. Tele 5385.
  • Shipley Gas Dept. Gas showroom, 8 Commercial St., Shipley.
  • Charles Clegg, 20 Northgate, Baildon. Expert in Fruit, Flowers, Vegetables, Fish, Poultry, etc. Shipley 433
  • Baildon Picture House & Cafe. Northgate, Baildon. Shipley 1056
  • A Ridgeway & Co, Electrical & radio engineers. 23 Hall Ings, Bradford
  • Fred Crossley. Tailor & Outfitter. 11b Westgate, Baildon. Tailor made suits
  • N A Arnold (Late C R Fearnley & Son.) Paint Manufacturer. Wellco Works, Ashley Lane, Shipley. Brown paint for Gipsies a speciality. Shipley 694
  • A Watkin & Son, house furnishers. 32/6 Commercial St, Shipley. Shipley 886/7
  • T Rhodes & Son. Beef, Mutton, Lamb, Veal & Pork. 4 Browgate & 7 Westgate, Baildon. Shipley 1199
  • Joseph Dyson. Plumber & Sanitary Engineer. Works:Northgate, Baildon. Res: 2 Angel St.
  • Windhill Industrial Co-operative Society Ltd. (Browgate?, Baildon) Pure Milk delivered in sealed sterilised glass bottles.
  • Fattorini & Sons Ltd. Articles suitable for public & private presentations. 21 Kirkgate, Bradford. Bradford 3061.
  • George Fawcett, Prop. S Hogg. Joiners, Builder & Undertaker. 33 Westgate, Baildon. Shipley 840
  • Taylor & Parsons Ltd. Bond St. Bradford 6490. Fireplaces?
  • Central Garage Ltd., Town Hall Square, Bradford. Tele: 7914. J Russell Rose, managing director. Humber cars from £240-0-0
  • "Chef" peas boil best.

Note that Bull's Head & Angel are already listing Tetley's - long before Whitakers was acquired by Tetley in 1959.


  1. 1931 Gypsy Carnival programme