1936 Woodbottom Gipsy Carnival programme

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The 1936 Woodbottom Gipsy Carnival was held between Saturday 27th June to Saturday 4th July. (The Baildon Charities week was Aug 29 to Sept 5 1936.)

Many people are aware that Baildon held Gipsy Carnivals, it is perhaps less well known that Baildon Woodbottom also held Gipsy Carnivals.

This link takes you to a PDF version of the Woodbottom Gipsy Carnival Programme of 1936.

PDF file of the Woodbottom Gipsy Carnival Programme of 1936

The procession on Saturday July 4th 1936 is listed as starting from Goldsborough's Field, Charlestown then to the Coach Road end of Green Lane and return via Woodbottom to Robert's Park. Note that the recreation ground that, back in 1936, was on the east side of Otley Road, across from Midland Road, was called Robert's Park.

Inside this particular copy of the programme there was a flyer for Councillor John Kerr for the 1938 elections. John Kerr was the Hon Secretary for the Baildon Woodbottom and District Hospitals and Charities Committee. Arthur Edwick, in his Baildon history notes (Blue folder) wrote that it was John Kerr that went to Lancashire in 1928/9 and contacted Xavier Petulengro who then became one of the key players in the Baildon Gipsy Carnivals in 1929 and 1930s.

John Kerr Flyer side A 1938
John Kerr Flyer side B 1938