Baildon Green

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A green area of Baildon where several local residents have grazing rights on the green. Google maps location here

Now a Conservation Area and as of 2011 the Conservation Area assessment can be found on the Bradford Council website here

Baildon has a long history of hosting Gypsy Carnivals, some held on Baildon Green but many up in the village, until 1937. Those on Baildon Green were taken over by different groups and public disorder led to them being stopped and the erection of stone pillars around the green to prevent access. However on 26 June 2010 Bradford Gypsy Voice with support from Bradford Council organised a Gypsy Fair, a celebration of bygone days on Baildon Green.

In June 2001 in the Birthday Honours List Renee Lancaster was awarded an MBE for services to the community in Baildon Green.