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Browgate is the road heading south from the Towngate roundabout to Baildon Road and to Shipley.

You can also see a collection of Browgate Photos on this page.

Browgate has changed significantly over time. At the top of Browgate the Fountain Buildings with the Mechanics Institute were demolished as were the shops and houses including the buildings to the East of Browgate - Fountain Fold, Manor Croft and Manor Fold up to St John's church and several cottages on Kellcliffe.


In this view of Browgate we are looking towards Towngate. On the left is the right hand bay window of Rhodes shop. This building, 9 Browgate, is sometimes referred to as John Wesley building. The building on the right of that later became Lynn's fish and chip shop and the Fish & Chips sign is still above the building in 2018. This was later an antique shop and then in 2009 a Chinese take away called Wok this Way. The tall building on the right is the Mechanics Institute - Fountain Buildings(?). There are several advertising signs in this photo that are typical of the times. You can read a bit more about this photo on this page - Top of Browgate

9 Browgate

This is the front of 9 Browgate, Rhodes shop. See more here

View down Browgate

This photo, looking down Browgate also shows 9 Browgate, Samuel Rhodes Grocer's shop. The boys on the right, wearing Eton collars, are leaning against the front wall of the nine 'oiled bidcage which is now demolished. Just to the right of that building are some steps, still existing in 2018, that were called the Bedlam Steps. Just to the left of the nine 'oiled birdcage is another set of steps that led to the different floors of the building. These are now gone. Immediately to the left of the steps is a pillar with stone ball on top and the wall sloping steeply up. This forms part of the entrance and steps leading up to the Moravian Church. This wall still exists but is much lower.

East side of Browgate 1940s. Now all demolished. Drawn by Ralph Dickson.

Heather House

One of the distinctive buildings on Browgate is No 5, Heather House which has been a pharmacy for many years.

2017 Sink Hole

Towards the end of September 2017 the pavement on the east of Browgate at the pedestrian crossing, directly opposite 5 Browgate, the Phamacy, collapsed and a hole opened up. This turned out to be as a result of problems with Barnsley Beck that is culverted from Pennithorne Ave to down past The Primitive Methodist Chapel on Browgate. You can read more about this and see photos on the Barnsley Beck page.

Early photo of the 2017 Browgate sink hole

Browgate Building Use

East side

Left hand side going down

?2 Browgate Top corner. (demolished in the 1960s)

  • Outhwaites green grocers.

?4 Browgate (demolished in the 1960s)

  • John S Jowett butchers. Moved to top of Westgate.[1]

West side

Right hand side going down

1 Browgate

  • The Baildon Classic Collection. Ladies fashions.2002[2]

3 Browgate

  • Nicola's Hair Design, 2002.[3]

5 Browgate (Heather House)

  • Wm. Hurchinson. Pharmacy 1988. (photo)[4]
  • Browgate Pharmacy. 2002. [5]

9 Browgate

  • Balti House2018
  • Slade's Gents Hairdresser 1939
  • Rhodes (several generation?) 1900

77 Browgate

  • Baildon Veterinary Centre. 2013.
  • R F Stacey plumbers and electricians. 1964, 1969.[6]
    • Building shared with a joiner.
Baildon Vets. 2013


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