Buck Mill

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Buck Mill
Address Buck Mill Lane, Thackley
Postcode Pre dates postcode
Built 13th century
Built by Lord of the Manor
Demolished/empty 1920s
Buck Mill Mill Race.jpg
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The manorial corn mill was built by the river in the 13th century, the river was diverted through a goit (mill race) to turn the water wheel and for many years the local farmers were required to take their grain harvest there for grinding into flour.[1]

Buck Mill has evident claims to antiquity & acquired its name from the occupiers, John & William Buck, to whom a lease for sixty years was granted by Sir Ingram Clifford & the co-owners, Anthony Thorold & Cicely Oglethorpe in 1567. It then contained a water wheel for grinding corn, besides a fulling mill with two stocks.[2]

1908 Map showing Mill buildings

The site is between the river and canal and so is not actually in Baildon - the river being the boundary - but is in Buck Wood, Thackley.

Plaque on Buck Lane footbridge

From the Baildon side the Mill could be reached by stepping stones across the river until Idle and Baildon Local Boards jointly funded a footbridge in 1889, constructed by J Bagshaw & Sons (Engineers) of Batley to be used as bridleway and footpath. In the minutes of the Baildon Local Board meeting of 16 Oct 1888 it was reported that Baildon's share of the cost of the bridge would be £389 - see BLBG Minutes 1880-1889

In 2018 work was done by Northern Powergrid installing a new power supply to the local area. Tree clearance also seemed to be done along the route of the existing pylons. To gain access for the work they widened the path through part of the Buck Mill site this resulted in some of the remains of the 19th century parts of the mill being moved. The Telegraph & Argus report that Bradford Council are putting in place plans so that the site will be protected from more damage.[3]


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