Copper Beech Club

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Copper Beech Club
Address 31 Northgate
Postcode BD17 6JZ
Built ?
Built by ?
Licensed to ?
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Previously Baildon Working Mens Club

The Copper Beech Club is above the Co-op supermarket on 31 Northgate, BD17 6JZ. (2019) They have there own website here

Copper Beech Club entrance

Prior to moving into this building they had there own building as Baildon Working Mens Club built in 1926 and the stone from above the door of that building is above the door of the new club.

Baildon Working Mens Club. Taken Sept 2018.

A copper beech tree stood in the grounds [of the Baildon Working Mens Club] (and incidentally) this tree was a source of annoyance to one of the older members of the club. Mr Tyson regularly complained about its height, and on one occasion, Mr Jimmy Roberts became so “fed up” of Mr Tyson’s complaints that he took upon himself the task of lopping the tree. So severe was his pruning that it was thought the tree would not survive the surgery. However next Spring the tree began to flourish. When fire had virtually destroyed the fabric of the building the committee decided to completely rebuild the club and also a new name was to be chosen. Mr Jack Ellis (a trustee) suggested to Mr Jimmy Roberts that the club should be named after the Copper Beech Tree. This proposal was eventually agreed upon.[1]

Baildon Tide Week always started on the first Sunday after 11th July and if the date was a Sunday then the Tide week commenced on that weekend. The last Baildon Tide was held in the field belonging to the Baildon Working Mens Club in 1954.[1]

The club was originally formed on 12th March 1892 and met in a building on Northgate marked by a plaque.


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