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This article is for buildings that no longer exist. Many historic buildings still exist in Baildon. You can read about some of them from this page.


Baildon once had a cinema in the center, on Northgate. For more details please see Baildon Picture House

Bedlam Steps

Drawing of Nine 'Oiled Birdcage

Looking from Browgate towards the Moravian Church is a gateway with steps leading round and up to the church. To the right of the gateway there is now an open space. On this site in the mid 1850s there were three cottages, each three storeys high, which housed a total of 90 residents and was known locally as 'Nine 'Oiled Birdcage'. The ground floor was accessed from the pavement in Browgate. Up the steps was an opening to allow access to the middle storey and at the top of the steps was a terrace giving access to the top storey. The well worn steps on the right are evidence of years of wear, as most people were shod in clogs at that time. The general clamour of 90 people living in this restricted area, along with the incessant clickety, clackety sound of clogs on the stone steps, gave rise to the naming of the area as `BEDLAM STEPS'.

This link should take you to the Google Streetview of where the Nine 'oiled birdcage was - Google Streetview

Tong Park Hall and Lodge

Tong Park Hall
Tong Park Lodge

Tong Park Hall and Lodge were built by the Denbys of Wm Denby & Sons, Tong Park in the late 1800s.

From the Register of Electors for Baildon East Ward for several years we can see that Denbys were living there. The house at 2 Tong Park was given the name Woodlands.

1926 Electoral Register
Entry Parliamentry Local Name Juror House
681 O O Denby, Alice Tong Park Hall
682 O O Denby, Sarah Christiana Tong Park Hall
683 R - Denby, Harry Tong Park Hall
684 R - Denby, Richard Tong Park Hall
687 R O Denby, Joseph SJ 2 Tong Park
688 HO HO Denby, Hannah Amelia 2 Tong Park
1933 Electoral Register
Entry Parliamentry Local Name Juror House
1012 R O Denby, Richard SJ Tong Park Hall
1013 R O Denby, Henry Tong Park Hall
1014 Rw Ow Denby, Alice Tong Park Hall
1015 Rw - Long, Jeanie Tong Park Hall
1016 Rw - Long, Mary Bridget Tong Park Hall
1017 Rw - Thornton, Jessie Marie Tong Park Hall
1020 R O Denby, Joseph SJ 2 Woodlands
1021 Rw - Hodgson, Margaret 2 Woodlands
1022 Rw - Willis, Sarah 2 Woodlands

West Yorkshire, Non-Conformist records 1883 Baptisms solemnised in the Wesleyan-Methodist Chapel Tong Park, Baildon page 24 entry 78 - 9 December 1883. Richard son of John and Sarah Christiana Denby. Born July 7 1883. Performed by Theo Gregory.

In 1930 Tong Park Hall had Sarah Christiana, Alice, Henry and Richard Denby with Lily Dunning, Annie Long and Janie Long.

In 1931 Tong Park Hall had Richard, Alice and Henry Denby with Annie Long, Janie Long and Louisa Ward.

In 1932 the 3 non Denbys were Kate Henri, Delia Long and Jeanie Long.

In 1934 Mary Bridget Thorton had gone and Magaret Laver was there.

In 1937 Tong Park Hall had Richard, Alice and Henry Denby with Jeanie Long, Florence Marsh and Evelyn Taylor.

In 1939 Tong Park Hall had Richard, Alice and Henry Denby with Jeanie Long, Winnie Burrows and Christine Matthews.

In 1940 Tong Park Hall had Richard, Alice and Henry Denby with Jeanie Long and Kathleen Coning. And at 2 Woodlands Joseph Denby, Saraj Willis and Annie Cobb.

The letters in column 2 and 3 indicate Parliamentry and Local qualification of the elector. The letters used changed over the years. In this case it is probably due to the Equal Franchise Act 1928 and more women becoming eligible to vote in their own right. The w indicates Women. The HO of earlier years was replaced with D and Dw

R - Resdence qualification

O - Occupation qualification

HO - Qualification through husband's occupation

D - Qualification through wife's occupatio

Dw - Qualification through husband's occupation

BP and NM are also used

BP - Business premises qualification

NM - Naval or Military voter

J - Juror

SJ - Special Juror

1881 Census for 1 Tong Park
Name Relationship Age Status Born Occupation
John Denby Esq Head 35 Married Shipley, Yorkshire Worsted Spinner & Manufacturer
Sarah C Denby Wife 31 Married North Kelsy, Lincolnshire
Joseph Denby Son 7 Baildon, Yorkshire
Marion Denby Daughter 4 Baildon, Yorkshire
Alice Denby Daughter 1 Baildon, Yorkshire
Florence Denby Daughter 7mo Baildon, Yorkshire
Ellen Ringrade (?) Servant 21 Single Barnby Dun, Yorkshire General Serv
Sarah Hill Servant 20 Single Birmingham, Warwickshire General Serv
1881 Census for 2 Tong Park
Name Relationship Age Status Born Occupation
William H Denby Head 56 Unmarried Shipley, Yorkshire Master Worsted Spinner & Manufacturer. Employing 523 workspeople also Master Farmer 17 acres employing 5 men
Maria Whalley Serv 28 ? Unmarried Yeadon, Yorkshire General Serv
Mary A Whalley Serv 17 ? Unmarried Yeadon, Yorkshire General Serv
1911 Census for 1 Tong Park (Hall?)
Name Relationship Age Status Born Occupation
John Denby Head 65 Married Shipley, Yorkshire Worsted Spinner & Manufacturer
Sarah Christiana Denby Wife 62 Married North Kelsey, Lincolnshire
Joseph Denby Son 37 Single Baildon, Yorkshire Assisting in the business
Alice Denby Daughter 31 Single Baildon, Yorkshire
Richard Denby Son 27 Single Baildon, Yorkshire Assiating in the business
William Denby Son 24 Single Baildon, Yorkshire Assisting in the business
Henry Denby Son 23 Single Baildon, Yorkshire Assisting in the business
Jane Brignell Servant 56 Single Hull, Yorkshire Dook. Domestic
Edith Coles Servant 20 Single Harborough, Warwickshire House Maid. Domestic
Emma Crowcroft Servant 19 Single Doncaster, Yorkshire House Maid. Domestic
1911 Census for 2 Tong Park
Name Relationship Age Status Born Occupation
Charles Long Head 66 Married Esholt, Yorkshire Manager. Worsted Manufacturer
Louise Long Wife 54 Married Baildon, Yorkshire
Hannah Long Daughter 22 Single Esholt, Yorkshire
Charlotte Long Daughter 17 Single Esholt, Yorkshire
Charles Long Son 14 Single Esholt Scool

In the 1950s the building was acquired by Bradford Council and it became a children's institution. There are some horrendous stories about what went on at the place during this time. It would be great to get some good stories about the place.

This map shows the location of the Hall - Map

Mechanics Institute

The Mechanics Institute was an imposing building in Towngate, the market square of Baildon. It was at the top right of Browgate/bottom left corner of Church Hill. (Hallcliffe)

Built in 1862 and demolished in the 1960s when the centre was redeveloped and the Ian Clough Hall build.

Baildon Local Board of Guardians moved their meetings there from rooms at Existing_Historic_Buildings#25_Westgate.

Mechanics Institute Clock

A clock was fitted to the building in 1870 and a Bradford Observer report dated Wednesday 1 June 1870 read:-

A new public clock set in motion on Monday night. It is the Mechanics Institute and has a dial at each end of the building. Beneath the dial on the NW side of the building is a square stone which bears the following inscription.

'This clock was raised by public subscription, through the energy of the Baildon Glee and Madrigal Society, and placed in this building for the special use of the village'.

The clock was started by the vicar Rev W Ffolliott at 8.00pm. The clock was made by Jonathan Cryer of Bingley and cost about £120 including the shafting to the second dial, which meant running the length of the building.

Entries in the Baildon Local Board of Guardians minutes have several mentions of the clock

19 Dec 1871
The illumination of the Public Clock was agreed. This was to be Saturday night and it had to be extinguished at 11 o'clock. The Guardians agreed to accept the Public Clock from the Committee.

21 Aug 1877
The Guardians agreed to accept the Public Clock from the Committee if a signed document was given.

18 Dec 1877
The Public Clock was to be placed in the Mechanics Institute to the care of the Local Board for the Benefit of the ratepayers for ever.

7 Feb 1882
Agreed purchase of new wire rope for the clock in the Mechanic's Institute.

7 June 1887
The alm (?) dwelling was condemned.

Messrs. Shaw & Sons were to be asked to furnish estimates for a new dial in glass and enamel for the Public Clock.

Plans were passed for farm buildings for Mr R Hardaker.

2 Aug 1887
Mr Clegg of Baildon Hall was to be charged for water used in the house and not by meter.

William Carter's tender to fix the clock dial for £4 was accepted. Mr Shaw to paint the clock dial black and figures in gilt and to ensure the clock was left in going order.

10 Aug 1887
The Board agreed that water supplies be cut off 6pm-7am in order to conserve supplies. The Bell-man was to be instructed to inform the consumers of the arrangement and warn against waste.

The Board agreed to accept Mr Shaw's tender for supplying cast iron dial for public clock 5ft 9in in diameter painted black & gilt for £7.

16 Oct 1888
The Clerk informed members that Baildon's share of the cost of the new bridge at Buck Mill would be £389. The Board agreed that two plaques be fixed stating details of the date, purpose and conditions which the bridge had been erected.

The purchase of a Wet Gas Meter for the Clock was agreed.

The Board discussed the proposals to merger Baildon with Windhill on an Electoral Division for election of County Councillors.

When the Mechanics Institute was demolished the clock was moved to the Liberal Club. An early photo of the Liberal Club shows a sloping roof to the front. Some time before the clock was installed the roof was changed so that it had a gable end.

One feature of the clock is that it has clock faces at the front of the building and the back with long shafts connecting to the hands. A large trap door in the ceiling of the Liberal club gives access to the mechanism. The Mechanics Institute clock from the building was moved to the Liberal Club building at that time and the Liberal club upper floor changed to suit.

Roebuck Inn

One of the Baildon Pubs

Airedale House

Baines 1822 Directory lists Mary Kendall as victualler of The Roebuck Inn.[1]

Kelly's Directory has William Ravel, Roebuck Inn P.H., Northgate.[2]

Between The Angel and The Malt Shovel (to the right of the building now occupied by Baildon Communication) there used to be The Roebuck Inn. This has been demolished and business premises built called Airedale House, 15-17 Northgate. For a long while this was offices for British Oxygen Company (BOC). In 2017 it houses the Carpet Company, Baildon Travel and finesse a gift and card shop (17 Northgate). In the photo on the right the building that is just visible on the left is Baildon Communication, 19 Northgate. On the right is Pickles Deli in the Towngate Rooms/Liberal Club. And to the right of that the sign for The Angel is visible. We are then on to more recent buildings from the 1960s.

If anyone has a photo of The Roebuck with suitable copyright that can go on here please let me know.

1841 Census

Roebuck Inn

Name Relationship Age Gender Birthplace Status Occupation
Robert Kendall 50 Male Yorkshire Innkeeper
Alice Kendall 40 Female Yorkshire
John Kendall 21 Male Yorkshire Barber
Mary Kendall 13 Female Yorkshire
Ann Kendall 10 Female Yorkshire

Cross Keys

Baines Directory of 1822 lists John Holmes as the victualler of the Cross Keys.[1]


Ferniehurst was built by Edward Salt in the early 1860s. Edward Salt married his first wife Mary Jane Susan Elgood on July 10 1861; and it therefore seems likely that the house was built for her. The land belonged to Titus Salt who had wanted to build a house on the Knoll site but had changed his mind and sold that land to Charles Stead. There are no known pictures of the house and no building plans However maps of the area do show the basic plan of the house and of the glasshouses and other buildings. Edward Salt had one of the foremost collections of orchids in the country and the Odontoglossum House at Ferniehurst was considered a model of perfection. Edward Salt lived at Ferniehurst until 1893 when as a result of the restructuring of the family firm he left the area. His collection of orchids had been sold in 1892 and the house had been mortgaged to the Bradford Bank. The estate was offered for sale in 1892. The house was described as having 12 bedrooms, a tower, and a billiard room with a separate staircase. There were also outbuildings including a carriage house for 6 carriages, a separate laundry, a gardener's bothy, 3 vineries and a mushroom house. The estate failed to reach the asking price and was withdrawn from sale. It was eventually bought by George Camille Waud. His family owned Britannia Mills in Bradford. His great interests were growing roses and breeding hackneys; he built a hackney stud at Ferniehurst. In the 1920s he started selling off land from the estate. Temple Rhydding Drive etc. were built on Ferniehurst land. In the early 1930s the house was offered to Baildon Council who declined to take it. The house and grounds were then sold to a quarrying company who are said to have used stone from the house to build the houses in Rockliffe Avenue. Baildon Council eventually acquired the grounds and laid them out as recreation grounds complete with a playground.

1891 Census Data

Dwelling: Fernihurst

Name Age Relationship Gender Birthplace Status Occupation
Edward Salt 54 Head Male Bradford, Yorkshire Married
Sarah A Salt 44 Wife Female Bradford, Yorkshire Married
Robert Walker 24 Servant Male Carnforth, Lancashire Footman
Mary Jane Agar 35 Servant Female Danby Yorkshire Waiting Maid
Annie Snell 39 Servant Female Thorpe Nottinghamshire House maid
Bessie E Luxton 20 Servant Female Farway Devon House maid
Sabina Carnaby 20 Servant Female North Kelsey Lincolnshire kitchen maid

Dwelling: Farm, Ferniehurst

Name Age Relationship Gender Birthplace Status Occupation
John Wm Badland 32 Head Male Baildon Yorkshire England Married
Henrietta Badland 32 Wife Female Pool Yorkshire England Married
Thomas Badland 5 Son Male Baildon Yorkshire England
Annie Badland 2 Daughter Female Wilsden Yorkshire England

Dwelling: Gardens, Ferniehurst

Name Age Relationship Gender Birthplace Status Occupation
Annie Grange 39 Head Female York Yorkshire Married Laundress
Jane Grange 12 Daughter Female Harrogate Yorkshire Single
Harry Grange 10 Son Male Harrogate Yorkshire Single

Dwelling: Gardens, Ferniehurst

Name Age Relationship Gender Birthplace Status Occupation
George Russell 37 Head Male Cliffe Yorkshire Married Garden Labourer
Harriet Russell 29 Wife Female Ryther Yorkshire Married
Frances Russell 4 Daughter Female Ryther Yorkshire Single
Arthur Russell 2 Son Male Ryther Yorkshire Single
Harry Russell 6mo Son Male Baildon Yorkshire Single
Martha Ann Shepherd 25 Sister in Law Female Ryther Yorkshire Domestic

Dwelling: Gardens, Ferniehurst

Name Age Relationship Gender Birthplace Status Occupation
Donald A Bremner 30 Head Male Ambleside Westmorland Married Domestic Gardener
Lucy Bremner 25 Wife Female Aberford Yorkshire Married
Jessie Bremner 10mo Daughter Female Baildon Yorkshire Single
Mary Bremner 60 Mother Female Penrith Cumberland

Dwelling: Bothy, Ferniehurst

Name Age Relationship Gender Birthplace Status Occupation
Edward Self 27 Male Leiston, Suffolk Gardener Dom Servant
John Allerston 25 Male Sowerby. Yorkshire

Dwelling: The Lodge, Ferniehurst

Name Age Relationship Gender Birthplace Status Occupation
Henry Newton 54 Head Male East Ayton Yorkshire Coachman
Amelia Newton 25 Daughter Female Scarborough Yorkshire
Emily Freeman 34 Neice Female Bridlington Yorkshire Dressmaker

1911 Census Data

Dwelling: Fernihurst

Name Age Relationship Gender Birthplace Status Occupation
George Camille Waud 41 Head Male Bradford, Yorkshire Married Mohair Spinner
Ethel Sarah Waud 40 Wife Female Barnsley, Yorkshire Married
Noreen Majorie Waud 10 Daughter Female Baildon, Yorkshire Single
Ethel Dimetle 29 Servant Female Dublin Single Governess
Walter Henry Halder 38 Servant Male York, Yorkshire Single Butler
Charles Ford Ford 26 Servant Male Pickering, Yorkshire Single Footman
Annie Pickersgill 41 Servant Female Pontefract, Yorkshire Married Cook
Edith Rose Weay 23 Servant Female Malton, Yorkshire Single Lady's Maid
Rachel Smeaton 24 Servant Female Hickleton, Yorkshire Single Housemaid
Flavell Mary Laude 19 Servant Female Hornby, Yorkshire Single Housemaid
Hamel Gertude Lord 19 Servant Female Balne, Yorkshire Single Kitchen Maid (Domestic)

Dwelling: The Farm, Fernihurst

Name Age Relationship Gender Birthplace Status Occupation
Emmanuel Waite 43 Head Male Bingley, Yorkshire Married Farmer
Hannah Waite 44 Wife Female Baildon, Yorkshire Maried
Harold Waite 13 Son Male Baildon, Yorkshire Single
Emily Waite 21 Daughter Female Baildon, Yorkshire Single Milliner

Dwelling: Cottage, Ferniehurst

Name Age Relationship Gender Birthplace Status Occupation
William Taylor 36 Head Male Great Sneaton, Yorkshire Married Head Gardener (Domestic)
Susan Taylor 38 Wife Female Scampston, Yorkshire Married
Mary Edna Taylor 9 Daughter Female Baildon, Yorkshire Single
Alice Maud Taylor 8 Daughter Female Baildon, Yorkshire Single

Dwelling: The Lodge, Fernihurst

Name Age Relationship Gender Birthplace Status Occupation
George Johnson 38 Head Male Arkley, Herts Married Chauffeur (Domestic)
Emily Johnson 38 Wife Female Croydon, Surrey Married
George Hewitt Johnson 15 Son Male Caterham, Surrey Single Mill Clerk
Emily Mary Johnson 9 Daughter Female Baildon, Yorkshire Single

Dwelling: Ferniehurst Gardener's Bothie

Name Age Gender Birthplace Status Occupation
John Curwen 26 Male Grange, Lancashire Single Gardener
James Milton 26 Male Chapelthorpe, Yorks Single Gardener
Wilfred Johnson 23 Male Middleton Tyas, Yorkshire, Single Gardener
Smith Viney 26 Male Tadcaster, Yorkshire Single Gardener
William Peal 26 Male Fleetwood, Lancashire Single Garden Labourer (Domestic)
Arthur Holbeck 18 Male Baildon, Yorkshire Single Garden Labourer (Domestic)
Walter Lambert 18 Male East Stockeston, Lincolnshire Single Garden Labourer (Domestic)

The Knoll

Image of The Knoll house.

The Knoll was built in 1858 by Charles Stead. The land had originally belonged to the Ferrand family; it was sold to Titus Salt who then sold it to Charles Stead who was a director at Salt. There are photographs of the house but no building plans. The house had beautiful grounds. The entrance was at the bottom of Green Lane, the drive ascending through Fairnbank Wood. Charles Stead left the house in the 1890s as a result of the restructuring at Salts and moved to the Morecambe area. The Knoll estate was acquired by James Roberts, later Sir James Roberts, who was part of the syndicate which took over Salts. Who eventually moved to Milner Fields. Members of his family continued to live in the house until after World War I. The estate then had a series of occupiers until eventually Baildon Urban District Council bought it in 1946. The house was pulled down and flats built on the site; the grounds were opened in 1948 as a recreation ground and were subject to a series of rules and regulations.

I used to explore it just before it was demolished. It had a square tower and a spiral staircase. stained glass windows at the bottom of the staircase and a round stone raised water feature at the back. Thank you from Marilyn Cordingley (nee Knowles)

1891 Census Data

Dwelling: The Knoll

Name Status Age Gender Birthplace Relationship Occupation
Charles Stead Head 68 Male Wortley, Yorkshire Married Justice of the Peace & Worsted Spinner/Manufacturer
Mary Ann Stead Wife 66 Female Pudsey, Yorkshire Married
Emily Stead Daughter 42 Female Bradford, Yorkshire Single
Ella Marion Stead Daughter 24 Female Baildon, Yorkshire Single
Mary Elizabeth Hoare Servant 33 Female Hunts, Woodston Single Domestic Servant
Elizabeth Jane Kennedy Servant 30 Female Castle Eden Durham Single Domestic Servant
Sarah Ann Wassencraft Servant 26 Female Shrewsbury Shropshire Single Domestic Servant
Kathleen Cowper Servant 29 Female Coalbrookdale Shropshire Single Domestic Servant
Annie English Servant 17 Female Napton, Peterboro Single Domestic Servant

Dwelling: The Knoll Lodge

Name Relationship Age Gender Birthplace Status Occupation
Abraham Duerden Head 30 Male Bradford, Yorkshire Married Domestic Servant
Louisa Duerden Wife 32 Female Swinton, Yorkshire Married
Mary Ann Duerden Daughter 8 Female Bradford, Yorkshire Single
Charles Duerden Son 6 Male Bradford, Yorkshire Single
Hannah Duerden Daughter 3 Female Bradford, Yorkshire Single

Dwelling: The Knoll Lodge Green Lane

Name Relationship Age Gender Birthplace Status Occupation
William Forrester Head 40 Male Scotland Married Gardener
Jane Forrester Wife 40 Female Manchester, Lancashire Married
Christina Forrester Daughter 15 Female Scotland Single Miliner
Elizabeth Forrester Daughter 12 Female Altringham, Cheshire Single Scholar

Fairbank Wood Lodge

Half way down the drive in the Knoll Park (Fairbank Wood) was another lodge on the left hand side going down. This was damaged by falling rocks from above and behind the lodge and was subsequently vacated and demolished possibly in the late fifties. There were also what I believe to be pigsties on the right hand side of the drive adjacent to the main mansion overlooking Baildon Green. There was also a small house by the right hand side of the mansion (unknown residents) I am in the process of drawing the mansion from my memory of it and the photo on the historic buildings of the past baildon wiki site from - Marilyn Cordingley

Hostel for Italian Women

A large house, demolished in May 2009, at the corner where Green Lane and the Otley Road meet was a hostel where many Italian women workers lived after the war, being employed at C. F. Taylor in the Worsted trade.

The question of a hostel for Polish workers in the mills arose in 2008. It had been suggested to Stewart Main that it was on the Coach Road, however no other reference to it at this location has been found. The Coach Road was very rural after the war and a building like a hostel would have been remembered by local residents who still live in the area.

Two local women, Anne and June, who lived on Glenaire Drive during and after the war have said that only one Hostel existed, and they thought it was for Italian women. It is referred to in Baildon Council minutes. They suggested that Polish women may also have lived in the same hostel. Both groups could have worked at the mills.

A number of streets existed on that corner or nearby which have since been demolished. The rectangle of land between Green Lane, Southdown Road and Cliffe Lane had Nelson Street, Walker Street, Springcliffe Street, Fernbank Street, Taylor Terrace and ?? . Approximately 112 houses in that small space.


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