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Welcome to the Baildon Wiki

The Angel taken 2013

The purpose of this Wiki is to collect together information related to Baildon. It is not meant to provide the visitor with information about what is happening in Baildon now. There are other websites where you can find out what is happening - for example the Baildon Village website is supposed to be for current news and information but I have fallen behind with that. Try facebook or the Baildon Town Council website here.

This Wiki is for facts about the Baildon of the past. But what is the past you might ask. I think it is a good idea to add content almost as things happen. It might not be considered history but let's record these things so that we stand a chance of getting an accurate record instead of waiting until it is thought of as history and people have forgotten what happened when.

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  • Please Contribute - One of the great things about Wikis is that you are supposed to be able to contribute. Unfortunately due to hundreds of people promoting such things as World of Warcraft, Plumbing in China, Titanium extraction etc. etc. I have removed the ability to register. If you want to contribute you will have to email me details. I will investigate a safer way of having contributors but at the moment it is down to me, Paul Marfell.

Photos etc.

I hope to use photos, maps and drawings to help clarify the information on the wiki. It is also nice to just browse through photos. I will therefore try to have several pages that are just for photos and the way to get to them will be on this page Photos, Maps, Drawings and Files


Baildon is a civil parish and town in Northern England and is part of the Bradford Metropolitan District in West Yorkshire.

Baildon is situated on a hill to the north of the River Aire and the Leeds and Liverpool Canal with Shipley on the south of the river. The B6151 links Shipley and Baildon.

Baildon lies to the north east of Bradford.

To the north of Baildon lies Baildon Moor, a part of Rombalds Moor.

Across Baildon Moor is the village of Menston, the town of Ilkley and Ilkley Moor.

Baildon is 13 miles from Leeds city centre, 5 miles from Bradford city centre and 5 miles from Otley.

It has a station on the electrified Wharfedale line (originally part of Midland Railway) with services to Ilkley and Bradford, though the first stops on the line at Shipley and Guiseley allow links to Leeds, Skipton and other places.

Baildon Countryside

Baildon Amenities

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Baildon Administration

Baildon Areas - brief details of particular Baildon areas

Baildon Schools


Image of the house at The Knoll. Built by Charles Stead.

Because Baildon has been around quite a long time there are building with quite a bit of history. Older buildings are not always fashionable/desirable and over the years many were allowed to deteriorate. Fortunately several people or groups have been prepared to invest in some of the buildings. During the 1960s the centre of Baildon was developed and several iconic buildings were demolished to make way for the Ian Clough Hall and several commercial buildings. Fountain Buildings were demolished, including the Mechanics Institute, shops and houses along Kelcliffe/Browgate were demolished to allow the road to be widened.

Existing Historic Buildings - have a look at this page for details on some of the buildings still in Baildon. It includes details of listed buildings and structures in Baildon.

Historic Buildings of the Past - on this page you will find some details about buildings in Baildon that no longer exist.


Baildon History

Baildon in the history of other places

Baildon Heritage Trails - written by the Baildon Local History Society, commissioned by Baildon Parish Council.


Famous People

Infamous People

Ordinary People

Reminiscing - memories of various people's time in Baildon.

Movies & Television filmed in Baildon