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Manor Fold was off the bottom of Hallcliffe leading to Manor Croft and Fountain Fold. These were demolished in the 1960s and the Ian Clough Hall, Library and car park built and Browgate widened.

Pre 1928 east from Moravian Church

In this view above, taken pre 1928, from the top of the steps going up to the Moravian Church, we are looking over Browgate. The buildings are Fountain Fold, Manor Croft and Manor Fold. The sign reads "Harry Ambler - Wood Carver". The 1911 Census has a Harry Ambler, age 42, living at 13 Briar Garth with his mother, Ann Ambler 74, and aunt, Sarah Kitchen 77. His listed occupation is "Wood Carver and Teacher at City Art Schools". To the right of that is a sign on the building behind "...ville - Oat Bread Baker" Further left, out of shot is the Mechanics Institute and Towngate. The slope down to the right is going down to Kellcliffe Bridge and the Primitive Methodist Chapel. In the far background is St John's parish church. The tower that is on the church now was built in 1928[1][2] Just to the middle left is the dark passage that ran front to back between the houses giving access onto the landing and so access to the houses facing us. They were all back-to-back in this block. The right hand end of the landing can be seen in the centre of the photo with the iron railings. Below the landing there were more back to back houses. Winnie Proctor and her mother lived in the house just to the left of the passage. The big house on the left was where Teddy Horacks, the rag and bone man, lived with his family. The house on the right was bordering St Johns Churchyard and has an orchard bottom right. The source of this info got caught a few times steeling apples. As would be expected of the time he was held by the ear so so couldn’t run away, got a telling off, then a boot up the backside.[3]

Early 1960s east from Moravian Church. Harold Ellis

This early 1960s photo, taken by Harold Ellis, is the same view from near the Moravian Church looking over Browgate and showing St John's Church with the tower (built in 1928). The houses and workshops of Fountain Fold, Manor Croft and Manor Fold have all been cleared.

2018 east from Moravian Church

This photo taken by Paul Marfell in 2018 is from the same viewpoint but now shows the Ian Clough Hall and the car park.


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