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The area behind Robinson's Sweet Hut, next to Providence Mill (later called Baildon Mill) south of Providence Row is known as Pinfold (Penfold?). It is where sheep or cattle, that wandered into the village off the moors, were penned until claimed by their owners. The owners then had to pay for them to be released to them to encourage them to keep their sheep or cattle on the moors. This was managed by The Lord of the Manor's Pinder.

The Pinfold itself was roughly circular, had high walls and a stream running through it.[1]

There's a story that during a Baildon Feast in Victorian days a group of Bingley men came over for the evening. After drinking a bit too much and staying a bit too long in the Malt Shovel several Baildon folk offered to guide them over the moor in the dark. One member of the Baildon gang had got hold of a key and ushered the Bingley crew into the Pinfold as a short cut. After being locked in they had to stay there until morning. [1]

The old Pinfold was pulled down in 1918 under agreement between Baildon Urban District Council and Messrs. Robinson & Bairstow, who were owners of the mill.[1]

Though the road loops round behind the sweet hut access is often blocked (2009-2010) due to taxis or customers of local shops parking across the full width.

There is currently (2009) no Pinfold sign and some local residents are making representation for a sign to be erected due to the history of Pinfold.

There are references to the Pinder in the notes taken from the minutes of the Local Board for 1 Aug 1856 and 1 Aug 1865 and also in the Story of Baildon.

Aug 1856 the Lord of the Manor's Pinder was Welfitt Oddy,

Aug 1865 the village Pinder was John Bottomley.

The last Pinder was John Booth who lived at 39 Nothgate.[1]

John Booth

In 1881, 1891 1901 census a John S Booth a shoemaker lived at 46 Northgate. 1871 marked as 44 Northgate.

John Bottomley

John Bottomley baptised 18/4/1819 (born 9/1/1819) in Chapelry of Baildon by John Chapman. Parents Joseph Bottomley & Ann Barret[2]

1841 Baildon Census - John 20 & Grace 20 Bottomley are in Marshall's Yard, Baildon with 1 month old Joseph. If the census followed geographically round Baildon then Marshall's Yard is near Westgate, Rawson's Yard and Tenter Croft.

John Bottomley (weaver of Northgate, father Joseph) married Grace Halliday (weaver of Westgate, father given as William Hardaker) 21 Jan 1841 in Chapelry of Baildon by Edmund Hodgkinson. Page 5 entry No 10. 1840/1841[3]

1851 census has John 32 & Grace 31 & Ann Bottomley as son in law daughter and grand daughter of John & Elizabeth ????? Sherdy/Halliday?

The 1861 Census has John Bottomley 42, wife Grace 41 and children Ann 18, Thomas 8 Elizabeth 1 in Westgate, Baildon.[4]

The 1871 Census has a John Bottomley (52) as the head of the household at 30 Westgate and his occupation was "Servant to Local Board". Wife Grace 51, Son Thomas 18, Daughter Elizabeth 11, daughter Ann Culont 27 married to Jacob Culont 25 and their daughters (John's grand daughters) Emily 2 and Ellen Culont 5 months.

Burial in Baildon 13/8/1895 John Bottomley 76 Page 126 entry 1004. Officiating minister D Carey.[5]

Burial in Baildon 23/11/1868 John Bottomley 65. Page 265 entry 2118. Officiating minister R Keeling. Not our Pinder.[5]

Burial in Baildon 25/5/1895 Thomas Bottomley 42. Page 125 entry 994. Officiating minister D Carey. Son of our John Bottomley?[5]

I hope I have followed the right John Bottomley here.

Would you believe there is an entry on page 72 of the England & Wales, Civil Registration Birth Index "Births Registered in April, May, June 1917" for Derby ref volume 7b page 934 for John H Bottomley with a mother's maiden name of Pinder. Obviously not the same John Bottomley but an interesting mother's maiden name given what we know of the Baildon John Bottomley.[6]

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