Robinson's Sweet Hut

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Robinson's Sweet Hut
Address Pinfold, Northgate
Postcode BD17 6JX
Built 1918
Built by Dolphin & Spence
Style Timber hut
Photo date 2003
Sweet Hut.jpg
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The sweet hut dates back to just after the First World War. When Freddie Lambert returned from the First World War he was severely shell shocked. I have been told by the current proprietor (2004) that the members of the Baildon British Legion[1] paid for the shop to be built by a Shipey carpenter for Freddie. It was then brought up to the common land, Pinfold, Mill Hill by horse. The wheels have been left on the hut so that it is exempt from rates; though the wheels are now half buried in the tarmac.[2]

Dolphin & Spence built the hut in their yard at Ellison Fold and installed it at Pinfold which is Common Land and therefore not assessed for rates, but a small rent is paid (1979) to the Metro Council who, at present , own the Manorial Rights. Mr Lambert called his shop “The Silver Badge”. This would be in reference to the badge worn by disabled ex-servicemen.[3]

The two paragraphs above seem to slightly contradict themselves. One suggests that horses pulled it up Baildon Road from Shipley, the other that it was only from Ellison Fold. One suggests that it is the wheels that mean it is exempt from business rates, the other that it is because it is on Common Land.


Proprietors have been:-

  • Fred Lambert (1918 - ?)
  • Jack Clark (? - ?)
  • Fred Light (brother-in-Law to Jack Clark) (? - ?)
  • Mr Weighton (? - ?)
  • Mrs Robinson ( - 2017)
  • Tarquins of Bingley (2018- )


Early photo of the hut

The painting on the side of the hut reads "Lambert, Silver Badge, Sweets and Tobacco, Stores". Behind the hut in the photo is the Wheelwright's. The toilets have yet to be built therefore the photo was taken between 1918 and 1922. The toilets by the side of the hut were built in 1921-22.[4]

Inside the hut
Inside the hut

These two photos show the inside of Robinson's Sweet Hut in April 2003.

Anecdote: During a discussion in the hut in 2003 Mrs Robinson mentioned that her father was the first person to drive a bus up to the centre of Baildon. 1920s?

Sweet Hut To Let. March 2018

As of early 2018 the hut was shown as To Let by Bradford Council. The photo above was taken in March 2018.


This photo shows the grill above the roof to the entrance. Local residents have mentioned that sometimes children would climb onto the roof and reach through the hole and help themselves to sweets. This was as recent as 1975, but no names are going to be mentioned.

Unverified comments on facebook 2018: Mrs Robinson has retired (2017) and the hut reverted to ownership of CBMDC. £400 rent per quarter was going to still need paying if not. Hut can be bought for £30k.

Tarquin's 2 go.

The hut in the process of being refitted in August 2018 to become Tarquins 2 Go

Tarquin's Jan 2019

In 2018 Tarquin's who have a tea/ice cream shop in Myrtle Park, Bingley took on the sweet hut. The sign above it shows they are to sell Tea * Coffee * Late * Cappuccino * Mocha * Hot Chocolate. Opening times have yet to be published. As of Jan 2019 the most recent activity seems to have been in November 2018.


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