Roebuck Inn

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Roebuck Inn
Address Northgate
Postcode BD17 6JZ
Building date
Early licence
Last Licence Expired 16 June 1927
Current/Last Licensee
Brewery Wm Whitaker & Co Ltd.
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Between The Angel and The Malt Shovel and to the right of Lynton House (the building now - 2018 - occupied by Baildon Communication) there used to be The Roebuck Inn.

In the 19th century the Roebuck was kept by a family named Habisha and later one of the Hardaker family who lived at Bank Walk Farm. Even though there were large arched cellars under the Roebuck there was nothing to give a good indication of the date of the building.[1]

Several licencees and owners are listed below. The Inn closed in 1927 though there is a little confusion as to the exact date. The Licence Register mentions a Notice of objection and the licence being refused in 1926, followed by it expiring on 16 June 1927.[2] The building was then used as The Midland Bank. This has been demolished and business premises built called Airedale House, 15-17 Northgate. For a while this was offices for British Oxygen Company (BOC) but in 2017 it houses the Carpet Company, Baildon Travel and finesse a gift and card shop. In the photo the building that is just visible on the left is Lynton House, Baildon Communication, 19 Northgate. On the right is Pickles Deli in the Towngate Rooms/Liberal Club. And to the right of that the sign for The Angel is visible. We are then on to more recent buildings from the 1960s.

The Brewery History website lists Roebuck Inn as one of the pubs of William Brown & William Grisdale Barker with a date of 1889; this will be the Brown & Barker that is crossed out in the licence register. In the same section of the register Alfred Goldsborough, Baildon is also crossed out. Wm Whitaker & Co Ltd. is listed as the owner in this entry of the register, they merged with Brown & Barker in 1890. Alfred Goldsborough is listed as the owner in the earlier section.

There seems to be a dirth of photos of the Roebuck. Given that it closed in 1927 perhaps this is not surprising.

If anyone has a photo of The Roebuck with suitable copyright that can go on here please let me know.


Please read the page Licencees, sources for information about where a lot of the licencee names and owner names have come from.

Baines 1822 Directory lists Mary Kendall as victualler of The Roebuck Inn.[4]

The 1841 Baildon Census lists Robert Kendall as living at the Roebuck. Robert also gets a mention in the Allotment of Pews, 1848.

The 1857 Post Office Directory for Yorkshire lists Wm. Habbeshaw at the Roebuck.[5]

The Licence Register lists that on August 8 1879 Alfred Goldsborough was fined £1 with 15/- costs for permitting drunkenness on 29 July. This text is repeated in the next 3 sections for the Roebuck which covers up to 1899. Kelly's Directory has William Ravel, Roebuck Inn P.H., Northgate.[6]

1872 to 1955

Summary of Register of Alehouse Licences granted in Otley for Angel Inn.
Licencee Date Owner[7]
Alfred Goldsborough 1872 Aug 30 Alfred Goldsborough, Northgate, Baildon
Joseph Mann 1881 Jan 28
Frederick Waller 1883 April 13
Charles Platts 1889 Nov 8 Brown & Barker[8]
Wm. Revill 1892 Jan 8 Wm Whitaker & Co Ltd., Old Brewery, Bradford.
Alfred Pink(?) Perkins 1894 Aug 24
Joseph Mills 1895 Nov 1
Charlotte Mills 1900 Dec 7
Thomas Hawker 1903 Nov 6
Timothy Wilson 1907 Nov 1
Notice of objection given & License referred 5/3/26
License refused by Compensation Auty. 8/6/26
Compensation money paid 11th June 1927 and License expired 16 June 1927

Census Data

1841 Baildon Census

1841 Census entry for Roebuck Inn Yorkshire > Otley > Baildon District 7
Name Age Gender County born Occupation
Robert Kendall 50 Male Yorkshire Innkeeper
Alice Kendall 40 Female Yorkshire
John Kendall 21 Male Yorkshire Barber
Mary Kendall 13 Female Yorkshire
Ann Kendall 10 Female Yorkshire


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