The Halfway House

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The Halfway House
Address 45 Otley Road
Postcode BD17 7PY
Building date 1830
Early licence
Last Licence
Current/Last Licensee
Brewery Chameleon
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The Halfway House is a pub/restaurant at 45 Otley Road, Baildon.

It was previously known as The Fleece in most of the licence registers and trade directories. Interestingly the 1851 census has Hannah Thompson, Inn Keeper living at New Line, Half Way House.

Built 1830[1]

Notes of a conversation, JLP with Amos Copley 1942. Mr Copley owns No 16&18 (Cottages facing Charlestown Road) These were originally one house occupied by Charles Thompson who kept the house as a Beerhouse. Previous to the district being called Charlestown it was known as The New Line which referred to the new road not long built at that time. Ultimately Charles Thompson moved to The Fleece when it was built. After Charles Thompson the Fleece was occupied by Edward Lambert, whilst Michael Lambert kept The Shoulder of Mutton. [2][1]


Please read the page Licencees, sources for information about where a lot of the licencee names and owner names have come from.

Hannah Thompson - Fleece 1853[4]

The Fleece is again listed in 1861[5]

Hannah Thompson - Fleece 1863[6]

Holmes Thompson - Fleece 1972. Register.[7] Also note Holmes is listed in 1851 census as son of Hannah.[8]

Seth Smith - Fleece P.H. 1893[9]

1872 to 1955

Summary of Register of Licences granted in Otley for The Fleece.
1872 to 1955.[7]
Licencee Date Owner[10]
Holmes Thompson 1872 Aug 30 Thomas Hollings, Manningham, Bradford
Edward Lambert 1872 Dec 6
Walter Chamberlain 1880 Dec 3
John Hill 1882 Aug 11
Edward Bradbury 1884 Nov 7 Herbert J.B. Hollins(?),The Watchells, Frimley, Surrey
Abraham Flathers(?) 1886 Jan 1
John Fearnley 1886 May 21
Alfred Harris Lolbey 1888 Feb 3
John Henry Haigh 1888 Sept 28
Seth Smith 1891 27 Feb Wm Whitaker & Co Ltd., Old Brewery, Bradford.
Sidney Hartley Day 1906 Mar 2
John Whittingham 1908 Oct 30
Robert Craven 1922 Sep 15
Laura Craven 1953 Jan 2
Eileen Croft 1955 ??? 14
Transferred to Bingley Petty Sessional Division 31 Dec 1955

Census Data

1841 Baildon Census

Houses prior to this entry are listed as Charlestown. This is the only one listed as New Line. The next properties are Kirklands followed by several at Spring Garden.

1841 Census for New Line[8] Yorkshire > Otley > Baildon > District 4
Name Age Occupation Yorkshire Born
Charles Thompson 40 Innkeeper Yes
Hannah Thompson 35 Yes
Sarah Thompson 15 Yes
Holmes Thompson 12 Yes
William Thompson 8 Yes
Harriet Thompson 6 Yes
Mary Thompson 3 Yes
Mariah Thompson 1 Yes


Hannah Thompson is listed as Inn Keeper of The Fleece in 1853 Whites Directory. In this census record of 1851 she is listed as living at Half Way House, New Line (The name of Otley Road just after it was built in 1825) with occupation of Inn Keeper.

1851 Census for New Line, Half Way House[8] Yorkshire > Baildon > 3c
Name Relationship Condition Age Occupation Where Born
Hannah Thompson Head Wid 45 Innkeeper Baildon
Sarah Thompson Daugh Un 25 Dress Maker Morton
Holmes Thompson Son Un 21 Butcher Keighley
William Thompson Son Un 18 Woolsorter Baildon
Maria Thompson Daugh 11 Scholar Baildon
John Thompson Son 9 Scholar Baildon
Hannah Thompson Daugh 2 Baby Girl Baildon


Charlestown, Half-way House is the first listing in District 8. The following 3 properties are listed as New Line followed by Charlestown again..

1861 Census for Charlestown, Half Way House[8] Yorkshire > Baildon > District 8
Name Relationship Condition Age Occupation Where Born
Hannah Thompson Head Wid 56 Victualler Baildon
Sarah Thompson Daugh Un 35 Dress Maker Morton
Holmes Thompson Son Un 32 Brewer & General Manager Morton
William Thompson Son Un 28 Woolsorter Baildon
Mary Ann Daugh Un 23 House Servant Baildon
Maria Thompson Daugh Un 21 Bonnet Maker Baildon
Hannah Thompson Daugh Un 12 Scholar Baildon
Thomas Turner Lodger Un 22 Proprietor of Railway Shares(?) Otley


The DESCRIPTION OF ENUMERATION DISTRICT 6 states All the remaining part of the township of Baildon commencing at Baildon Bridge....bounded on the South by the River Aire and comprises The Half Way House, Kirklands Hall and Lodges, all the houses West on the New line Road Charlestown, Wood Bottom, Temple Rhydding.... however The Half Way House does not get mentioned in the census entries themselves. 20 Otley Rd (Fleece Inn)

  • 1st property listed in the district is No. 4 Kirklands
  • 2nd is 20 Otley Rd (Fleece Inn) - Thompson family
  • 3rd - 19 Otley Rd (New Inn) - Joseph R Yates, Horse Dealer - no Inn Keeper or similar listed.
1871 Census for 20 Otley Rd. (Fleece Inn)[8] Yorkshire > Baildon > District 6
Name Relationship Condition Age Occupation Where Born
Holmes Thompson Head Unm 41 Inn Keeper Baildon
Sarah Thompson Sister Unm 45 Dress Maker Baildon
Harriet Thompson Sister Unm 35 Dress Maker Baildon
Harriet Thompson Neice 4 Baildon


1881 Census for Fleece Inn Otley Rd[8] Source: FHL Film 1342036 PRO Ref RG11 Piece 4339 Folio 99 Page 17 Yorkshire > Baildon > District 5
Name Status Age Gender Birthplace Relationship Occupation
Walter CHAMBERLAIN Married 57 Male Nottingham, England Head Licensed Victlr Innkeeper
Ellen CHAMBERLAIN Married 49 Female Bulwell, Nottingham, England Wife
Sidney CHAMBERLAIN Unmarried 23 Male Bulwell, Nottingham, England Son Stoker Railway (Unemployed)
Alfred E. CHAMBERLAIN 14 Male Bulwell, Nottingham, England Son


1891 Census for 20 Otley Rd. (Fleece Inn)[8] Yorkshire > Baildon > District 6
Name Relationship Condition Age Occupation Where Born
Seth Smith Head M 52 Publican (Inn Keeper) Eccleshill
Emma Jane Smith Wife M 48 Halifax
Prince Arthur Smith Son 13 Eccleshill
Norman Sheller Boarder M 31 Laundry Manager New York, USA
Nelly Sheller Boarder M 18 Laundry Manageress Ash, Hampshire


For District 3 the CONTENTS of Enumeration District reads All Tong Park, Clifton Mills....Chemical Works....Kirklands, Fleece Hotel, Briar Rhydding....

The census data does not give a number or name to many of the properties. Entry 174 appears to have New Inn added to Otley Rd in different handwriting.

1901 Census for entry No. 150 of district 3 on Otley Rd.[8] Yorkshire > Baildon > District 3
Name Relationship Condition Age Occupation Where Born
Seth Smith Head M 63 Licenced Victualler. Pub. Own Account Eccleshill
Emma Jane Smith Wife M 58 Halifax
Prince A Smith Son S 23 Warehouse Man. Woolen Eccleshill


1911 Census for Fleece Inn[8] District 491 sub 5 enum. 3. (350/641) Yorkshire-West Riding > Baildon > 03
Name Relationship Condition Age Occupation Working at Where Born
J Whittingham Head 70 Widower Hotel Keeper Home Frizinhall, Bradford
A Whittingham Daughter 35 Single House Keeper Home Shipley
M Brennan Servant 23 Single (Fem) Domestic Servant Home Bradford
A Gill Lodger 25 Single (Male) Woolsorter Baildon


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