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This page will give some details of particular Baildon areas.

Baildon Centre

Prior to the development of the centre of Baildon in the 1960s it was very differnt. Many of the older buildings still exist but the demolition of buildings on Kelcliffe, Browgate, Northgate and Hallcliffe allowed the roads to be widened and the Ian Clough car park to be built.


This is the area around the Potted Meat Stick and the Cross and Stocks.

Further details about Towngate can be found on its own page here.

== Summary ==


Browgate is the road heading south from the Towngate roundabout to Baildon Road and to Shipley.

Browgate has its own page here.

You can also see a collection of Browgate Photos on this page.

Browgate looking towards Towngate. c1920s.

Manor Fold

Manor Fold was off the bottom of Hallcliffe leading to Manor Croft and Fountain Fold. These were demolished in the 1960s and the Ian Clough Hall, Library and car park built and Browgate widened.

You can read more about this area on the Manor Fold page where I am including Manor Fold, Manor Croft, Fountain Fold and references to Fountain Buildings which faced Towngate.

Fountain Fold/Manor Croft


This is the road from Towngate to Baildon Moor.

Pinfold is off Northgate with what was recently Robinson's Sweet hut. The toilet block is next to the sweet hut. Then the road to Providence Row and Baildon Moor Garage.

A group of Baildon residents outside the Halliday wheelwright shop in 1880s
Halliday's wheelwright, Northgate
Demolition of the wheelwright and smithy on Northgate

Comment on facebook for this photo Aug 2018 by Stephen Cheetham:-

My uncle Lesley had that demolished to make way for petrol pumps and a workshop where those petrol pump are in the photo. Wonder if that's my uncle strolling across the yard.
Baildon Moor Garage, Northgate, 2013

Baildon Moor Garage is on the site of the wheelwright shop run by Robinson Halliday. On the very left of the photo of the demolition is the gable end of 38 Northgate, the building shown in the 2013 photo of the garage.

Building Use

25 Northgate

  • High Class Grocer. A E Fox. 1964.[1]
    • Best in Butter, Bacon & Ham
    • Est 1919

24-26 Northgate

  • Woodlander. Gifts and Furniture. 2002[2]

39 Northgate

  • Websters of Baildon. Fish & Chips. 2002.[2]

Baildon Mills

  • John Peel. Manufacturers of flocks. 2002[2]


  • Baildon Moor Garage. 2002. For 50 years.[2]


The road West from the Towngate roundabout towards West Lane.

Westgate has its own page here.

You can also see a collection of Westgate Photos on this page.


Shops and houses at the junction of Browgate, Baildon Road, Station Road and Cliffe Avenue/

Building Use

4 The Staithes

  • Baildon Fisheries. 2018.
  • White House Pizza. 2013
  • Threshfield Bakery Ltd. 1964. [1]
    • This is the bakery on the corner of Cliffe Ave
    • Tel:51416
    • Home-made bread & confectionery. Freshly made on the premises.

To the right of Threshfield Bakery in 1960s?[3]

  • Butcher's
  • Cordingleys off licence
  • Chaplins green grocers

Ruby Broadley had a baby clothes shop at the end of Cliffe Avenue[3]

1 Station Road

  • Murgatroyd's Confectioners. 1964.[1]
    • Also 52 Otley Road
  • Charlie's Confectioner's & Chocolatier - photo below.

93 Baildon Road

  • Post Office
  • Ronnie's Post Office
  • Kettlewell Post Office - photo below.
Charlie's Kettlewell

Otley Road

The main A6038 road through the Charlestown area of Baildon by the river Aire. On the East side of the road are many of the larger businesses of Baildon though several of them are being demolished and smaller businesses and housing built. The Butterfield estate is one such.

Denso Marston Ltd, Otley Road. 2002.[2]

Baildon Bridge

The area near the bridge over the river Aire just before Shipley.

Building Use

Bridge Garage.

  • Reliance Motors. 1964.[1]

Tong Park

An area of Baildon near Otley Road below Holins Hill

24 St James Place was for many years Tong Park Post Office.

Tong Park Post Office. 1960s

Building Use

Hollins Hill Garage

Sharp & Griffiths

The following is taken from Baildon Urban District Council Guide which I think was dated 1972:-

B. R. Sharp and H. O. Griffiths founded the firm of Sharp & Griffiths Ltd in 1919 and claim to be the first motor engineers in Baildon. Trading began in a small stable opposite to "The Shoulder of Mutton", repairing cars during the day and hauling with a wagon which had an interchangeable body for taking coach parties out in the evenings and also probably running one of the first taxi services in the town.

In 1920 premises were erected on the present site in the form of an old Army hut and in late 1920's the present building was erected, being added to over the years. The firm now carries on business together with their subsidiary company - Sharp & Griffiths (Transport) Ltd. - as motor engineers, with 100 per cent Rootes agency and haulage contractors mainly serving the Bradford wool industry.


A part of Baildon on Otley Road that is named after Charlie Thompson who built the first house there as mentioned in The Charlie Thompson Walk Heritage Trail.

This area is mentioned in several of the Baildon Heritage Trails


The area of Baildon from Baildon Bridge to the rail viaduct over Otley Road.

It has a parade of shops near the viaduct and there used to be Woodbottom School.

Austin Mitchell went to Woodbottom School and you can read his reminiscences here.


Baildon Green

Building Use

Baildon Green Mills

  • Baildon Green Autos. 2002 [2]

Shipley Glen

The area often referred to as Shipley Glen should properly be known as Bracken Hall Green. The glen is the area below Bracken Hall Green with Loadpit Beck running at the bottom of it. This area has several standing stones and a circle of stones was partly removed when the road was widened. This area and adjacent Baildon Moor have several cup and ring stones.

Shipley Glen Tramway

Baildon Moor

Baildon Moor

Milner Field

Milner Field was originally the home of Titus Salt junior and his wife Catherine (nee Crossley)

Milner Field was built in 1the 1870s and replaced a seventeenth century house of the same name. 'It is a self-contained..modern structure with large Conservatory (containing semi-tropical plants and exotics', Winter Gardens, Greenhouses, well-stocked Gardens,..Lodges, Woodlands..Lake etc.' The interior of the Mansion was panelled in oak, teakwood, mahogany chestnut and cedarwood.

There were two royal visits to Milner Field. The Prince of Wales and Princess Alexandra in 1882 and Princess Beatrice and Prince Henry of Battenberg in 1887.

Titus Salt junior died in 1887; his widow remained at Milner Field until 1903 when she sold the estate to Sir James Roberts who lived there until he retired and moved to Scotland. Mr Ernest Gates was the next occupier; unfortunately he died in 1924 and Mr Hollins moved into Milner Field. After his death in 1929 the house was put up for sale but there were no offers for it; the house was eventually demolished in the 1950s.


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