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Here you will find links to the text and in many cases images of walks around Baildon.

Heritage Trails

Rail Tunnel under Lonk House Lane

In 2008 the Baildon Local History Society contacted Baildon Parish Council and asked about producing Heritage Trail booklets based on the walks that the History Society sometimes conducted people on. The History Society showed examples of what they had put together. Baildon Parish Council agreed to fund the the first batch of booklets.

The first six walks were made available, free of charge, from various places in Baildon including the library. Demand was high and the first 600 had all gone within 3 weeks. After a reprint the booklets were made availalbe from the library at a price that just covered the cost of the printing - £1 each.

Baildon Parish Council made PDF versions of these walks available from their website and Baildon Town Council have continued this. You can find these files on the documents page here. Look for the Heritage Trails folder.

The pages linked to in the wiki below will contain the text of the booklets and should also include the images but the intention is that they will include links to other pages to create a wider experience for the visitor. (This may be limited to the ones that Paul Marfell worked on.)

Other Walks

The Baildon Local History Society have also released some of the walks that will probably not be made available in the same way but can be read here.