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Welcome to the Baildon Wiki

The purpose of this Wiki is to collect together information related to Baildon. It is not meant to provide the visitor with information about what is happening in Baildon now. There are other websites where you can find out what is happening - for example the Baildon Village website is for current news and information.

This Wiki is for facts about the Baildon of the past. But what is the past you might ask. I think it is a good idea to add content almost as things happen. It might not be considered history but let's record these things so that we stand a chance of getting an accurate record instead of waiting until it is thought of as history and people have forgotten what happened when.

  • Website - how it came about
  • Please Contribute - The great thing about this Wiki is that you can contribute. If you want to contribute then you might want to read the page on Using the Site or the Cheat Sheet
  • User registration - If you want to contribute then you will need to login. At the top right of the screen you will see a login option. If you have an account you will be able to login after clicking the link. If you don't have an account then you can create one. Note that you will have to respond to a link in an email that you are sent. I am hoping that this works out ok. This functionality was enabled on 9 Dec 2012. Due to a large number of postings that were not Baildon related (World of Warcraft, Titanium extraction, plumbing in China, etc. etc.) I had previously made it so only I could create accounts. So now that it is open please contribute. Why not contribute some simpe things to start with. What street do you live on, when was it built, who built it?


Baildon Countryside

Baildon Amenities

Baildon Now

Baildon Sports

Baildon Administration

Baildon Areas - brief details of particular Baildon areas

Baildon Schools


Potted Meat Stick

Existing Historic Buildings

Historic Buildings of the Past


Baildon History

Baildon in the history of other places

Baildon Heritage Trails - written by the Baildon Local History Society, commissioned by Baildon Parish Council.


Famous People

Infamous People

Ordinary People

Movies & Television filmed in Baildon